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Looking for Adobe Audition 2 cheap price? We can offer as low as 49.95. But if you're looking for a huge discount, you can use the code MAYDAY at checkout to get 25% off the regular price. The Adobe Creative Cloud subscription costs $99 a year for a single user or $29 for a family of three. The subscription is automatically applied to in-bill credits, so there's never a delay figuring payments. Adobe Photoshop CS6 is now available as a standalone product from Adobe. Adobe has finally done something close to "wow" with its new Photoshop suite. The software, which debuted last week, includes some of the most ambitious product launches Adobe has ever made. The flagship product is now completely standalone, no Adobe ID needed. Adobe Photoshop CS6 is a major update that adds smart adjustments, brushes, curves, masks, rasters, retouching, a revamped brush tool, and a redesigned curve tool. Clickable Layer Styles, a feature that lets you create custom layer styles for individual images, open a layer panel for editing. Here it is in use: And here's what it looks like in use, after cleaning up the last two weeks: Smart Adjustments allows users to quickly select colors and change percentages without going into Appearance to do so and also makes it easier to apply color correction on photos. Smart Adjustments allows users to quickly select colors and change percentages without going into Appearance to do so. Previously photos have had to be cleared and saved before use could be adjusted. YouTube Video Clear Photos before use. Previously photos had to be cleared and saved before use could be adjusted. YouTube Upon clicking the SmartAdjustment option, the photos were then cleared and saved before they could be adjusted. Once applied, they were not cleared and were saved, making it an obvious move for designers. Previously photos had to be cleared and saved before use could be adjusted. YouTube Video Adjust photo. YouTube Once applied, the photos were not cleared and saved, making it an obvious move for designers. Previously, users had to go to the site, enter photo dimensions, convert the photo to JPEG, save the photo, and then again, convert it again, before it could make an adjustment. Now, a single click lets users make an adjustment. Evan Blass Over at Blaber, the Stylizerie Blog uncovered a Twitter chat from May. Those were mentions of a "previously unknown process" and a pricing structure. A spokesperson for Adobe confirmed to Mashable that the company's new software does indeed let users adjust photos -- but only in so-called "design edits." The new software is not different from what's already available: simply called "Photos for Style." In name, the new product is similar but different from the "Design Add-ons" being tested by web designers and photographers on Adobe Photoshop. "The new system does not introduce any new features or functions," a company blog post says. "It was something that arose from a partnership between Adobe and Adobe Sketch that deals with some key aspects of photo editing including, but not limited to, effects, transparency, and representation. Adobe Sketch is the product and it is in the development pipeline." The post went on to say the new system doesn't change how people will use Adobe Photos, which will remain the same. "Adobe makes up a very small part of the Photos experience and we're focused on being there -- on the Photos team is smaller on marketing to customers than in previous years," he added. What's more, Adobe already have a website and emailing list (like Photos for Style). The "Design edits" software, on the other hand, allows users to make adjustments to entire photos. "Unlike Photo 7 and Design fixes, Design edits can be applied to any number of images, and they are applied in real-time. You can preview a design edit later and are given the opportunity to whether to change the first or the last image that was created for a given photo," the website reads. Previously, users were able to make single-image edits using a couple of dozen photos, but Photoshop's "edit mode" made it possible for the software to apply hundreds of photos to a single image. Once the image was created, the previous user's experience was no longer necessary. "Designed to be easy to use and rewarding when you use multiple images, the 8,000+ photo editor lets you quickly and easily create, edit, and share 24- and eight-hour-large collections of your photos. With the photo 8, you can access more than 8,000 photo files from within the photo editor." the spokesperson told Mashable. Once an application can use the built-in tools, it must be signed into the Adobe website to use the photo editor and all the functions. The user is responsible to keep all photos from the editing to their own devices, the spokesperson said. Users are cautioned