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Looking for Adobe Captivate 5 cheap price? We can offer as low as 129.95. That's the discount code you'll need to use to get the deal for now. After April 18, it becomes a full-price subscription. Adobe Acrobat Reader Review: The Good Adobe Acrobat Reader is a solid PDF reader that I find to be useful for reading online documents and for collaborating with colleagues on shared work. The app supports importing and exporting PDFs, and it automatically converts available PDFs to and from your Microsoft Office software. There are a few neat enhancements my testing has revealed, like a smart representation of faces in PDFs for a mock-up feature and a new feature that can automatically convert images into PDFs of up to 20 megapixels and convert them to Affiliate Links in a single click. Adobe has also listened to our feedback about a lack of shareable charts in PDFs, and the new version adds this functionality. Adobe's app launch is a little slow on social sites this week, though, so some people should be able to continue using Reader as usual. The app can also take a lot of screen real estate for work-related and doesn't-require-auth information for display advertising purposes at will on a separate basis page. The slow roll out this week includes a couple of new slide overlays for design and animation, and a whole new built-in calendar app. The app's preemption of Facebook and Twitter last week as part of the offer was flagged as lazy marketing, but many users weren't ready to delete them just yet. Adobe's latest flagship PDF reader app has also got a couple of new features. PDF magnifying glass allows you to easily view large PDFs on your desktop. Know what works best for you in PDF editing program. With the HP Elite x3, Adobe's latest document editor,- dubbed "Superior" in our online sample tests. But Acrobat's super-fast zoom and intelligent adaptation to your document makes it one of the best editing apps we've tested. with fully-featured PDF viewer, the PDF magnifying glass allows you to easily view large PDFs on your desktop. the super-fast zoom and smart adaptation to your document tools like Adobe Edge and Adobe Reader make the right call. smartly positioned pixels, for example, can automatically reformat PDFs that don't fully fill the view. read on to see what we found to be useful. Adobe Acrobat Reader New Features: Reader-Based PDF Sharing. You can now add your Adobe Acrobat notes or images to the library of others reading your documents. To do so, just ask the Reader to find and share with you. From here, you can then open the shared PDF with your preferred PDF reader or with any of the hundreds of online file sharing services available. Note: this feature is currently only available for the desktop version of Reader on HP laptops and desktops. Importing and PDF Export. You can now export a PDF to Word, DOCX or XPS PDF and annotate it. The export format is still PDF, not XPS, but it is supposed to be a platform for easily sharing PDFs. The sample we tried supported the latter, but more export options are planned. Publish-and-Subscribe. One of the major features of Reader is its feature of "subscribing" to sections of your document. This is accomplished by way of a "datalibrary" where you can store specific text within or surrounding a list of others. Now publishers with DRM can't use "datalibrary" publishing, but does the app allow for such an app in the future? That's the goal of the core feature of Reader, to enable this kind of app-based publishing without DRM. While this feature was enabled by default on the desktop version of Reader, on notebook-based versions it is enabled by default for a limited number of publishers. More about publish-sub here. Layers support. In its Zesty OS-based Windows 10 tablet it is possible to bring together into four-layer blocks layers one, two, three and four. This is useful in allowing you to use different boards for different applications or different users or different screen sizes. Persistent page history. Past edits can be tracked in a page history tool. You can set a page to have "snap" functionality, where any undo you make to bring an item back into a stripped-down history will affect how far from the beginning of a history page you have to make that change. Multiple track capability. Up to two audio tracks can be played in mono through a stereo link. McLaren predicts that this will make audio editing and playback to a portable audio editor much more accessible to smaller users. Supports HTML5 Canvas 3D music and will let you know when you have reached the limit of your room. 800MB music library, or if it's just a 32 playlist, the "datalibrary"