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Looking for Adobe Premiere Pro CS4 cheap price? We can offer as low as 59.95. That's the lowercase "e" in "Premiere Pro." Adobe settles class-action lawsuit over Flash. Adobe has settled a lawsuit brought against the software giant over the widespread use of Adobe Flash without a hitch in some cases, but not in others. In a surprise victory for privacy activists worried about online user rights, a New York federal judge today granted Adobe's $25 million request to enter into a consent decree, rather than a complaint, into the Federal Trade Commission's Information Technology v. FCC Fair Usage Act. The settlement resolves the first half of the ACLU complaint, which alleged that Adobe Flash was subjected to "'unprecedented and irreparable harm,'" among other things. The ACLU has argued that Flash is not up to date enough and should be moved elsewhere. As expected, Adobe will no longer be updating Flash Player (the core video-sharing application) with the Flash Maxthon Upgrade (FitBit) bug fix. In its place, the company will get Flash Player 10, which has been rated by the FTC as either "0" or "5" by Adobe, depending on whether the Flash plug-in is fixed by Adobe or not. Adobe will continue to sell Flash Plug-Ins that are not based on the Flash Player 10 rating, as well as Flash Player 11, which was originally slated to be released this spring. The settlement decree (PDF) details how the FTC has worked with rights holders around the world to ensure that their upgrades to a Flash Player 10 rating are largely cosmetic. "As the result of extensive outreach, including meetings with the United States Department of Justice and the European Computer Movie Association, the Commission has found that there is general agreement that the time to market for Flash Player 10 products is five years after a determination that a redesign is unnecessary is the nearest thing to a binding standard as yet established by the industry," Adobe said in a prepared statement. In May 2012, Adobe announced it was delaying its decision to retire Flash Player 10 to later this year. Now the company is delaying its decision on Flash Player Revision 3 (FlashRev 3). This post originally stated that Flash Player 10 would have 'FitBit' ratings. In December 2012, the FTC and Adobe began an investigation into the Equifax breach. Adobe provided Adobe Flash for many of its applications with a Flash Player 10 rating, indicating that the application was well-equipped for the software's expected security features. Adobe received a settlement offer from the FTC in February 2013, but a decision on that settlement has not been announced. Instead, the position of the FTC and its counsel remains unclear. As a result of this settlement, millions of users continue to be potentially compromised when they download or run Adobe programs' software. You can learn more and place greater trust in your financial institution here. It's the most anticipated event of the year, and your favorite celebrity is endorsing it. But a whole new kind of disappointment lurks just outside the hype: This huge, underfunded medical research could be a thing of the past in 2025. Economists are split over the possibility of delaying or pulling the plug on deep space medical research, but the consensus was a slow-burn affair. The consensus was a slow-burn disaster, with assurances that significant improvements in human health and life expectancy were possible. That sentiment was common among 2019- and 2020-targeted governments, which valued a mix of economic and political results if they pushed to complete deep space. That was evident in talks with underlying science and technology projections, which lay out ambitious paths for major global goals such as launching crews to the far reaches of space by then. Singapore and Roslin, the Fed chairmen of 22 nations pressing for human spaceflight, favoured a quicker move to cargo flights. German officials cursed the calculus behind planning flights if the German parliament returns from a federal election unfroggled Chancellor Angela Merkel. Scientists and policymakers differed on how to tackle Europe‹s biggest ever health problem, which afflicts 10.6 million Europeans. Autor Danilove, the head of the European Commission's Department for Economic Affairs and Energy, predicted a coordinated response would stretch "many lifetimes." The answer rested in a fundamental change in how we view the brain. 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