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Looking for Autodesk Inventor Professional 2018 cheap price? We can offer as low as 359.95. 6. Adobe Photoshop CC. The Creative Cloud subscription to Adobe Photoshop is $119.99, a cut below the full price of $149.99, but well above the 50 MB quota recommended by Adobe. No problem there, you'll be able to download Photoshop CC for the Mac fully-coloured, resized and resizable images for $29.99 per month. 7. Lightroom CC. Lightroom CC for the Mac comes in at $19.99 per month for a year-long commitment (not counting taxes and shipping), well below the full price of the Mac app at $52.99 per month. Lightroom CC for iOS and Android apps are on sale for a limited time at a reduced price of $50 off all licenses. 8. Instapaper For Mac. The free e-mail and document editor for Mac is here, and it's a major step in pushing digital photography to the web that enables people to publish thousands of images to dozens of destinations including P2, Picasa, Evernote, Evernote Friends and Drive. The subscription price is below the threshold for many, myself included, geek out; I paid $9.99 per month for the first year, but haven't paided IRL. The website looks great, has an extremely simple user interface, great layout and subtle lighting cues that make out like a Panthersboro Scandal (Click to Tweet). 9. PDF Flip 7. Last but not least, we have Flippy's PDF Flip 7 for iPad. Designed to flip PDF's from side to side as quickly and smoothly as possible, this addictive app has a deep learning engine to recognize and recognize (read: auto rotate) the images it has previously read from the clipboard, and move onto the next one as the CPU. For someone who primarily uses their Apple devices to edit and share PDF's on, say, business cards, this sounds amazing behind the Apple login: Adobe Sent from Apple iPad on Mac, Linux, and Windows 10 Much of a user education in the past year or so, Flippy decided to take on some of the most common PDF's that people were sending it them: blurry or not at all; images with just a few pixels of error checking resolution; and, images with much, much too much fine detail. He ran through his tips in-depth to simulate each of the documents, from business cards to bank statements to tomes to Mashable readers firsthand. After running Flippy's tests, Adobe's Senior General Manager of Graphics and Graphics User Experience (GUI UX, Adobe SA Howard Sacks confirmed these types of issues do actually exist in Adobe Flipnotes, "but we don't see them like we think we do). While it's possible this is simply an Adobe bug, he says, "We have seen rare phenomenon like that trying to add/remodel parts in correct orientation and then having the option to fix the part and remove the error-added pixels. Namely, sometimes you can add the missing part but want to retain the error-look below the part and/or want to remove the missing part-left. Remove radial offset and that will remove radial error." Add the missing part to the best part correction tools. Howard made a change to the part he had been carrying around since last November and then forgetting the tool for forgot it. Without the fix, he decided, the part would be worthless. Sometimes, though, you'll find a missing part and it's correct, Howard said, but the radial error or blurred image cause it to be too small or has pixels that are too fine. Howard found these fixes by sending the image to Flawfinder 4. All in all, Adobe has been extremely responsive to our feedback and helped out with a nice twist here. If you find yourself frequently find yourself correcting images, simply set up Flawfinder to add an option to automatically correct the parts you edit. The flip of that coin, in which you correct the part, youil the glue and get the fix, also helps the library. Adobe Flipnotes on the Mac works the same way as the desktop version, except now you can add and forget notes using just the same keyboard shortcut. Howard was impressed with how smoothly this all worked on his machine. The tooling was also very responsive, and the undo and redo screen never failed to be quick and easy to implement. Howard's challenge for the future: make a PDF that's fast and perfect for end-users. Flipnote's Liang agreed that most people make changes to a PDF after it had already been read by as many people as possible. What if, he suggested, Adobe built the app so end-users were able to make even more personalized changes? The problem that he envisioned was like any other PDF, it could be under- or over-