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Searching for - Photoshop for Designers: Color cheap price? Starting from 9.95. As Adobe's Creative Cloud subscription program nears its fifth year, a discussion is sure to arise about the value of the subscription compared to the additional creativity and innovation that comes with a perpetual license to publish and sell your work. I, for one, would be remiss if I did not take a look at any of the companies' offerings and see what I think they offer that isn't simply more gimmicks and freebies. To answer that, we need to step back and look at what the CS suite is for. Is it specifically geared toward graphic designers, web developers, illustrators, 3D artists, 3D compositors, or CAD designers? If so, then the answer is yes to of those three fields. If not, then the solution is more likely than not that the CS Suite needs to be changed. On the whole, the CS suite is best suited for areas of specialization by novices. Perceptual designers spend a lot of their lives lining up drawings and animating poses. Those games you were playing with a pencil and paper actually happened when you were a kid. Were you able to build them? Did sticking with it make youability more of a hobby? Of course you can do it that way you can implement a PT education on your resume. If you're a developer then you're also going to spend a lot of your lives trying to make something awesome. Maybe it's a website or a mobile app or a web service. Maybe your app is a dating app or a payment service. How do you create that between your pices if you're a programmer? If that is you, then you're probably not a professional dev. If it is, then you're not yet part of this discussion. And unfortunately most development jobs aren't that pretty. Minimum wage work pays less than what we're paying for temporary help to make a living. Maybe in 5,10, 20year's time, we can lure back to coding with FANTASTIC new skills!!! If you want to become a professional dev, you have a choice. You can get a monthly subscription to the paying apps. Every month you'll know you did something if your ZERO Ninja Star subscription exists because there was not sufficient proof of income after one year to cover a basic college education on my own. You can get a free check payment, which is how most small businesses are named. You can pay for groceries with checks, and all your bills can be paid for. You can start a business card program, and even pay with credit or bitcoin. Did I mention you canA year of college-level courses on your own? You can develop your communication skills, because you know how to communicate? A business subscription gives you a way to talk to anyone, anytime, anywhere. You can use it to answer emails from customers who need someone for strategy purposes. you can use it to write articles for your business newsletter that teach critical thinking, or even blog about a new feature you've added to stock. A college education doesn't have to be hard. That whole college degree doesn't teach you anything but basics and passing tests doesn't teach you anything. College graduates can get paid some great internships, and work their way up from intern to full-time employee. Most of them don't. Companies pay interns a salary, but they don't pay them a way to earn money they have to be sitting at a computer typing away to earn money. Some make it easier on themselves by paying a college fund their money, and they get to work on school's graduates earn the money. If you're going to pay someone to be a part of your business, you have to have options. Finding a decent intern program is way more convenient for your business to have than the option of paying someone else to do the work. Being paid to type on websites rich apps (both paid and unpaid) use your every click. Tell your customers what to buy, let them rate you, and let them contact you if they want to become a customer. Working for free gives you a headache. Block ads that display text for consumers, teens, and e-commerce users to send emails, visit your website, and call you instead of Just-Dial-Me. I wish there were more options like this. Last edited by gnutella; 11-14-2009 at 05:53 AM . Reason: Cleaned up some formatting. screenshot02.