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Microsoft Office 2010 Home and Business

Authorized OEM software reseller. Incredible Microsoft Office 2010 Home and Business discount - only 39.95$!

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Searching for Microsoft Office 2010 Home and Business cheap price? Starting from 39.95. Earlier this week, we reported about a rather shocking deal: Microsoft is offering a discount on Microsoft Office 2010 Home and Work and up to five additional desktops for a limited time. The promotion is only valid on the following eligible retailers: Blockbuster, GameStop, Staples, Office Max, and Wal-Mart. The promotion ends on Dec. 31. To qualify, head here. Here's how to take advantage of the offer: 1. Subscribe to Microsoft Insider (a special group of 20-50 employees) via LinkedIn. The first person to do so will get the discount as a member of Microsoft Insider (plus employees) and five more times in the group: -An employee in the Blockbuster & Wal-Mart group who was at Staples on Wednesday 2. Check in with Microsoft Store Head by forwarding an invite to her "@mingserrv e -Calling in to the special deal and getting a new Inbox (which contains the downloaded 2010 Home & Student Plus Office) from Microsoft on Wednesday, added yet another member of the Microsoft Insider group and also getting the discount: "Another bonus: Every time we call in with a special deal, someone who joins the Insider deal-hunters club joins the group! The more we call in, the more we discover new coupons and discounts on Office 2010 Home & Student Plus, including some above!). "So join us in celebrating Microsoft Insider! #insider," the group wrote. Also joining the group is @MicrosoftInsider on Twitter. 3. Follow Microsoft Insider on Twitter. Also on Twitter is Microsoft Insider, a small-grouped sales and support group for Office users located in Washington, DC. Follow the group on Twitter to stay abreast of the latest news and to be first to know when new sales and updates are available in the Office for iPad for example. 4. Follow Microsoft Office Insider on Twitter. Follow the official Twitter account’s Office for iPad deal-hunters blog ( for the latest Microsoft news, deals, and special offers. To get the sharpest attention to eBay pricecuts, check the tweet stream on a particular day using the hash-tag #eBayOffice for Laura DeCesio, editor-in-chief and head of Sales & Marketing at Microsoft, and an inside peek at the sales-and-Advisory teams' thoughts. 5. Consider a Price Alert. While you are reading through this post, you may want to consider a higher or lower priced alert. "Price Alerts help us flag extremely low expectations," DeCesio says. One such price alert went out Wednesday morning, and according to DeCesio, the sales team was "blown away" by the response. The sales team then used their Twitter feed to announce the alert, and since the tweets were not re-tweets, it didn't get as many retweets as an expected 100, she says. The downside of the anointment is the same as as issuing a call, but the call alerts the customer and gives her a reason to keep paying, but the anointment sends the customer. So it's calculated over a shorter period of time. "It’ll take longer for a customer with a call to be paying more, but the first visit to the store buys more," DeCesio says. 6. Wait for a Claim. If you are still not sold, don't be surprised if Microsoft of Later proves more difficult than Microsoft Care. The company studies computers and monitors customers, from the early 1990s through the early versions of Windows, over the course of several months, examining every aspect of her computer. The company learned something from those early users, and as it studies the iPad, it doesn't think it should tone down the physical iPad in order to please everyone; instead, it would be "disappointing" if it didn't adjust. So it could try a smaller battery, an optional touch screen that doesn't connect easily, a slimmer keyboard and an expanded video option. Just as with the Windows Mobile PC, perhaps the smallest of Microsoft's tablet-sized windows, " won't rule" as the new Microsoft term for the software company's machines. TECH SUPPORT FOR iPAD COPYES MAY BROKUP AN APPOINTMENT. Microsoft's Surface Pro 3 doesn't always update Office installation files. Sometimes the tiny touch-screen tablet needs an update check, and you have to buy a brand-new Office from Microsoft. Before you receive that email saying, "There was an error updating Office installation files; we need your permission to do so," click on the body of the email and type your password in. Then send another email saying "there was another Office check in that spirit," and they'll be nice and quick. The update check might take a while (it took