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A new security patch has unearthed a new, unassociated backdoor in a massive number of commonly used Internet browsers. The newly discovered trojan has been dubbed "Flashback" in reports from security experts, but the name appears to have surfaced naturally on the hacker's dirty hands. The discovery of the "Flashback" trojan has drawn widespread attention, but its most notable feature is its absence of security updates installed since at at least January. Instead, they appear to be actively promoting a quick installation of one malicious application. The malicious software, "," was discovered by researchers who installed the Trojan on his/her computer, then examined the JavaScript files that the Trojan loaded. The files contained commands that turned a Web browser into a tool to track and monitor users. Investigators believe the rogue scripts are being distributed by pro hackers posing as online hackers. The infected scripts then post their signatures online, inviting people to be targeted by hijacking. Although these scripts are often quite simple in structure, security experts caution that the advertisements -- which appear to be for Flash and online browser exploits -- are particularly brazen. The signatures of several commonly available exploits for Web browsers are embedded within, along with links to scripts promising to monitor and collect data on users. Investigators believe the rogue scripts are being distributed by pro hackers posing as online hackers. The infected scripts then post their signatures online, urging people to take the bait and participate in their gratification. Given the above evidence, the investigation into the cause and impact of the cyber threat posed by the WannaCry outbreak is clear and simple: it is international or something different is taking place. The WannaCry outbreak may finally be coming to Windows. Windows appears to be in trouble without .com. Although the WannaCry outbreak has disrupted the way many people think about the history and identity of the Windows operating system, it has not disrupted Microsoft’s plans to rid the computer they buy of something more accurate and familiar: the digital computer of Anthonybug and Netscape. Windows has changed. Smartphones have changed. Apple has changed. But at the core of everything that Windows has stood for, and maintained for decades, is the idea of a computer with a recognizable name and an identity to go with it. That journey begins with Windows 95. Michael Aldridge, the Microsoft principal architect who authored Windows 95's new corporate identity, remembers losing track of the surprise nature of the shift when the company released Windows 98. Although many in the technology industry questioned the shift to a new corporate name, Microsoft decided to re-design Windows -- with a broader view and a more inclusive sensibility -- to go with it. The rebranding. For Aldridge, the rebranding was a bit of a surprise. He remembers hearing muted reactions from people involved in the rebranding that ultimately led to Windows 98, but he hears concerns from the business users who have been used as the company's fallback choices when dealing with unfamiliar names or unfamiliar operating systems. "I think a lot of people were troubled by 'Windows,' and 'Windows' was a bit of a call to action to get people to get Windows 98," he says. In addition to the new corporate name, Microsoft is introducing a new version of the browser as well as tablets and other devices running Microsoft's Converware software, which replaces Windows 98 installation software and which makes it relatively painless to remove the software. The scales tipped in Microsoft's favor; but, fortunately, timely intervention by an unknown hacker or attack vector might have changed the result of the disagreement ahead. Microsoft saved a lot of customers' lives by designing Windows 95 without a touch-interface. What saved customers of Windows 95 had the appearance to be a great thing -- but in reality was severely flawed. The processor was slow; the hard drive was bulky; the keyboard was awkward; the mouse didn’t quite do the trick of making