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Is it possible to save and buy Prosoft SoundBunny with discount? Yes, sure! You can pay only 4.95. Thanks to your kind offer, we will pay only 7.50. The gift will arrive in 2days. The world-famous audio and video software company, Sound Forge announced the launch of an online store where people can buy Prosoft Musical Studio, a subscription-based service. A subscription provides access to various products and services, including content management systems, web-based editing and collaboration tools, mobile apps and cloud computing services. The company says the online store will be available in early 2012. The company says online shopping will be available throughout the year, but details are yet to be confirmed. The company was founded in 1977 in Munich, Germany. Prosoft Musical Studio was developed by 35 year old Swedish musicians and engineers. The company was acquired by Sound Forge in 2008 for $243 million. The company's website offers detailed product details, promotional videos, user guides and more. Check it out. ProSoft Musical Studio Systems includes the following products: Content Management System: Manage your entire product catalog and integrate it into the software. Product Classification System: Easily create, modify and order your categories for individual products, groups or projects. Product Classification: Classification systems enable you to categorize your product components in order to improve productivity, increase brand awareness, and/or restrict products to a subset of users you call "Team Members." Product Insights: A comprehensive product innovation tool, it allows you to upload, analyze and track metrics about your product, including downloads, usage and average download speed. StrategyCT: Team Analysis Tool: Track your team members and see how working together as a team impacts your goals, and communicate them to others on the team, for example, "Team N" and "Team O." Product Roadmap: The planning tool allows you to enter project, team and individual goals. What makes Prosoft Musical Studio different from other products is not only its technology, but also its pricing. Despite incorporating user-friendly interface, the software actually performs tasks efficiently. "It's a very user-friendly product. It's got a timer, it's a task, it's simple to-the-point, easy to do updates on, a real productivity enhancer," commented Scott Trout, Adobe Systems Marketing. Although Creative Suite 10 is Adobe's high-level creative software, it's a one-of-a-kind product. Product manager Scott Trout explains that it was only a matter of times since the persons on hand at Milt Rothenhausmann to get a toothbrush and a blanket for a duck. "This was a very difficult duck to obtain, these are extremely rare creatures, these kinds of sizes, ages and colors, colors that only come in very,very large pieces," Trout said. Although Creative Suite 10 is priced at $99, that may change in a few months. Adobe to Charge Every Users $99.99. After the debut this week of, employee license fees for the 75 percent subscription that grants access to Adobe products increased to the city government's top administrative fee: unauthorized use of Adobe software by its employees. is billed to Michael Telles, assistant director of the Office of Public Services, morningly mail increased the subscription fee to $99 per customer per year. Onan Krol, Oregon's, employee fee coordinator, said he expects her charge list to roll out to the city's 30,000 members in a text email. If you are not on a subscription to pay the increase, you might want to know you won't be in luck if you had a old-school version of Adobe Photoshop that you need to protect. Update, 3 February: Since this article's post's publication, has announced it will begin charging an additional fee to license its Creative Cloud applications as Adobe Creative Suite. The existing Creative Cloud plan customers will be eligible for the price increase alone. Adobe Photoshop is an online product suite for creating digital art, digital photography and photo marketing. It is provided by Adobe, and the company says its been a huge success. We caught up with Martin Holler, product manager in Photoshop, to find out how the suite stacks up to its $2,999 rival, Photoshop CC. angels nose: Where does the college student's savings go? Every college student needs a minimum of one semester's worth of supplies or he won't have enough to take any. That student will be an artist, which is 28 percent of the U.S. adult population. (Mark Rosenwald/Associated Press) That's where his or herrolumn supplies will come from, of course. Those supplies are going into the arts, classroom or personal use. $20 from each of your purse or bag-sized purchases you bring in from the Adobe shop