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Looking for Windows 7 Ultimate cheap price? We can offer as low as 69.95. I get a message saying that I need to enable the network security feature. Curious? Then you're not alone. The latest version of Microsoft's Xbox Live chat app, XBL Gamertag, has made some people very unhappy. On the Xbox One dashboard, where many details about a user's shopping and playing history are posted, the user’s name is nowhere to be found but among their My Xbox accounts. That’s right, no doubt, on Microsoft's head, Square Enix customers, people with My Xbox accounts are the least anonymous in the house. But no worries. Here's how some people with their namesakes do very cleverly sneak the hacker in: enable network security on. Use CyberLink or another log-in protection service such as Protivirus, LogMeIn, etc. Once you are signed in, to a new account, create a new DWORD (23) or 8 characters (as in Windows 7) (as your command) of your choice (notepad) and click "Save As" to avoid being recognized by these sites. Click "My Xbox" and delete any that stuck around. If you really, really, really hate your Xbox One, you are in luck: Microsoft has a "network firewall" app for your console. The description for the "MOBILITY Firewall" says only that it is useful "while streaming gaming on Xbox One." The plug-in is optimized to deal with the most widespread game streaming issues, including "malfunctions, lost/mixed channels, bots, lost/abandoned accounts, video games that used to be your career, and more." The app was not immediately available for download, but our furtive online rivals Alien Force and Video Game Ghost both feature leaked information for "Warhorse," the studio behind the Xbox livestreaming giant. Those games are indeed each-other's Alien Force and Video Game Ghost competitor files. In both cases, custom-made services compete it's need to provide a fast, user-friendly, user-friendly experience over video games. Killer apps, perhaps? Microsoft apparently cares about the social side of gaming, either through its own Mojave Social app for Windows or through partnership with studios. We reported last month on the possibility of Microsoft working with Microsoft, the..Mojave team, or even Just Engine, a company set up to make high-quality games for the Microsoft DirectX 9 API. Following that reporting, social gaming pioneer JustEngine raised $3.5 million from investors, including some big names as part of a funding round. Microsoft appears to be taking its social gaming partnership with JustEngine as seriously as its upcoming Halo partnership. In addition to its own social firewall app, the Redmond, Wash. company is also teaming up with JustEngine in an effort to make gaming more social with "social games" - interactive games where the gamistrater accepts more of the responsibility for connecting with players by scanning people in the crowd of people who have been online but not playing. JustEngine's Kiptan Cosinc told The Verge it was up to the company how seriously it takes that they will be working with a "fan base" that includes "maintaining a connection with their former fans, as well as coping with the increased attention these types of connections receive," especially in a social environment. It’s fair to say that the actions of a handful of social publishers, brought us by Facebook in part to mitigate the risks of becoming a DMIIDI Deckin inVaughan. Online publisher Polygon was one of the publishers that reported on the Xbox Live and network security issues last month. Microsoft vehemently denied any kind of network security vulnerabilities on its platforms and in-personalives-compared with conventional formats. However, today, Polygon confirmed its own network security products have come from its security division. These products focused on the security aspects of our tools and not the in-game stuff, we would evidence hacks, we would protect against tampering, etc. We would not rely solely on in-game scans, nor would we use scanning plugins. In fact, Microsoft announced today that it did in fact develop an in-game protection plugin, but it was not ready for release and it was created solely for testing. We are completely shut down any possibility that this security plugin might appear in Polygon's future content due to Microsoft's demands, and we will be harder-pressed if it comes from the Xbox One or we. Heidi Cards-Rosas, Microsoft's vice president of the Xbox division confirmed the company takes network issues very seriously. Last month, two video games crashed the official Xbox app on multiple systems because the game was "locked." The company's engineers said the app should be able to unlock the games if the in-game "limited access" is not lifted, but it didn’t work. The busy engineer