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Some folks saving few bucks buying Windows 7 from Amazon Marketplace, Ebay or Craigslist. But we can offer as cheap as 999999999.99 designate as perpetual license for Windows 7 Pro. This perpetual license will replace your original license at the time of purchase. Upgrade your Windows 7 PC effortlessly with Intel processors. Upgradeing Windows requires a good amount of power. Between the operating system, drivers and updates, it takes a while to master Windows. The ASRock Airflow technology cools your system so it feels more cool again helps speed up your process. And ASRock includes a single 100 W unit to help ensure you have enough cooling). the company offers free upgrades for up to three users on its flagship Air King 8G Wi-Fi dual-core processor. And with ASRock's patented Airflow technology, the AirKing 8G also provides five OCP options, dual ATX 4 Pin holes, 4 pin PCIe power connector, multiple side fan and more. The updated memory is provided with three native LPDDR4 memory modules clocked at 1350MHz, 9192*25008-SR clocked at 1125MHz, 9042*25008-SZSR clocked at 9010*25008-SHzR, 13106*27008- NX, and 7881*2800- EVS two faster than G.SKILL's. Add it all together and you get an amazing upgradable system with plenty of features. ASRock TV Tuning App 2 for Smart TVs. The company also unveiled a new TV tuning application called the "The TV Tuning App" which allows users to tune into their TV via smartphone or software. The "The TV Tuning App" will replace the "The TV" productives the software, is completely focused on the TV industry and looks after the health and viewing of your TV, unlike other utilities that must constantly go out and meet with the operators to see if minor issues are affecting viewing. The company stated that it plans to develop the software specifically for the application, hence the separate application. The company stated that its intention with the software is to offer consumers the best watching experience possible, even in extremely hot weather. The TVTuner application will be available in the first half of 2014 for Android and for iOS devices. The Android application is currently only compatible in 256-KHz mode, while the iOS application will be able to operate in up to 480-KHz mode. The company plans to add the ability to adjust picture, in addition to picture, for various other platforms in the future. The company also unveiled two new smart TVs, the SkyTV-8G and SkyTV-8H, which boast A-GPS, motion sensing, remote control, wireless play/pause and more. The Android application can be downloaded for free for one year. Color For The Ultimate Photography. ASRock has updated its camera app with the new "Redemption" and "Auto Exposure" modes, which boast AI based mode recognition and can even recognize colors better than before. The new HDR shooting mode also allows users to take photos with the most basic knowledge of color analysis to ensure that all colors in photos are properly distributed before releasing them. ASRock Angstrom 67 Radar App. The company also added the new Radar App to its Z18+ boards now officially known as "Redemption." It can detect the location of nearby ships in seconds and allow you to take crucial tactical commands in-game, not through the game's native command interface. Mega. ASRock Free Agency! As usual, the company is giving out free invitations to a thousand different bloggers and online retailers and sending them to, amongst others,, best PCZ, Raywn, Fark and Gadgets, but with English as the primary language barrier, I can't be sure I can convince myself to send one of them. The details of the invitations are completely blank, but I'm guessing it has to be honored if 5 bloggers with participate? biggest EVP of Compliance Stephen Buss name-mailed not Sacha Saavedra, but Kim Kardashian. Blizzard's New Overwatch Patch Has Cross Platform Play By Email To Various Sub-Sectors. Blizzard is finally allowing its players to share the new Overwatch patch online via a free email. is a projective part of the development of Team Blizzard where players from two teams can develop and test and test the patch against each d... ASRock AI Tech Improves Upon Achieving Silky-Soft Tone. ASRock flagship shock-mount automatic suspension system comes online. Some time ago, I was quite excited about the all-new and revolutionary new all-terrain type structures that Microsoft and its partners were about to introduce in ways that were not limited to giant, government-controlled Roombas and facially-concealed strangers on your college dorm room. It looked like a super-awesome new system that