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Microsoft has updated its Safe Reading app on Windows Phone (8) and Windows 8.1 devices to stop untrusted apps from running. Previously the untrusted version could access metadata. The company's OK'd the removal of Microsoft's trusted root certification authority (CA) revocation system in Windows Safe Reading on Windows Phone (OS 2.0 and higher), Windows Phone 8.1, Windows Phone 7.1, Windows Vista and Windows XP (since September 2012), as well as Windows 8. The untrusted version of Safe Reading could still access the files by way of a malicious app, though. The trusted version of the app could only retrieve metadata if it had access through those versions' file systems. Microsoft originally released Safe Reading on WPCard in 2006, shortly before the platform was moved from NAND to flash on the Vista model of the Lumia smartphones. The removal of Safe Reading CA in the Windows Phone OS update means untrusted versions of apps will no longer be able to access your calendar, notes, contacts, maps, and other sensitive data. We ask Microsoft about untrusted version URLs, but have not heard back from a customer-service representative for Microsoft regarding this topic. Android smartphones are getting Android Marshmallow fast. Google's Android mobile operating system is set to get several updates to its core system components including its version of 'Marshmallow' (Canadian for 'Modular Developer Support) UI and software development kit (Microsofts' way of calling its mobile OS 'a '). Google generally pushes its OS releases out to a relatively stable development cycle (typically two a year) with, typically, 'pre-MARKOW' notice in the About section of the operating system. That said, Android users can be a little tricky about timing things, as some pre-MARKOWs arrive before/just after others. That's because five different rework efforts go into making up a single full version, and some features and most other apps built on top of it can't be triggered until after 'the end'. That rumble ending capability, though, will be key to coping with Android's indefinite bug-bounty crunch. With a slew of new hardware (including the new Nexus 7) set to hit the market in the coming weeks, Google likely qualifies as the first company to mass-market an Android smartphone this year. But even with all that competition, Android handset sales so far this year have outpaced those for the rest of the smartphone world on March 31. Top spot goes to the Samsung Galaxy S8, which boasts a staggering 1.4 million units in retail shops worldwide. That beats only the 1.55 million units sold by the Samsung Galaxy S8 Plus, the HTC 10C and the Huawei 16 Prancing Horse. Nvidia's Pascal GPUs are surging fast, picking up the top five spots on the GPU power leaderboard obtained by ZDNet. 1. tags : microsoft office 2016 buy, microsoft money buy, microsoft office 2016 buy cheap